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Terms & Conditions
By using the website 'housingforstudents.ch', you acknowledge that you accept the terms and conditions described below:

The use of this website is free for all the users.

This website is protected by the Swiss law of intellectual property. Therefore, you commit yourself to respect it.

You are not authorized to copy, reproduce or issue the content of this website whatever the way. You can only consult information placed at disposal and print them for your own usage. Therefore you commit yourself not to use this website and its content commercially.

If you offer accommodation, you commit yourself not to mention lying or deceptive information. You commit yourself as well not to include illicit content.

'Housingforstudents.ch' does not check adverts on the website and is consequently not responsible for their contents. Only users adding an advert are responsible for the content and also for the disputes that may arise. As a user of the website, you acknowledge that 'housingforstudents.ch' cannot be responsible for any damage you or any third party may have whatever the nature.

'Housingforstudents.ch' can modify or delete any advert without notice. Please note that adverts are automatically removed a few months after the date of availability. Nevertheless it is possible to ask to remove an advert at any time. You just need to contact us by e-mail. Only e-mails sent with the same address used at registration time will be considered as valid.